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Full Name:
Christopher Ryan Hubick
Personality Type:

Hi! Well, let's see, there are many things that define me as a person, and I will thus attempt to elucidate a few of them here for you. For starters, I am not religious, but I do view myself as a moral person. I place a high value on honesty and respect for people and their rights and freedoms. I am generally confident, have a positive self image over all, and work to understand the psychological motivations of myself and others. I tend to be very philosophical in nature, consider myself a rational person, and operate in a pervasively logical manner. I feel I am doing a good job achieving the ever changing goals I have set for myself, and while I continuously strive for further improvement, I am relatively happy with myself and my life thus far. Being highly opinionated, I appreciate reasoned debate on all matters philosophical, psychological, social, and political. Although I could definitely eat healthier, I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or abuse drugs, and pride myself on being in physically good shape. With my chosen career being in computing science and software engineering, I am very proud to be a geek at times, though being so doesn't preclude my active participation with the rest of the human race. My reading material is overwhelmingly non-fiction and mostly conducted online. Musically I listen primarily to electronica, as found in the rave scene and small clubs I enjoy. My favorite movies are those which are not only good entertainment, but that leave me with something after viewing them. Fashionably my style is largely functional, and is influenced by the activities in which I take part.

A lot of people aren't really into anything, whereas I have always had trouble choosing amongst my ever expanding list of interests. I have a very active selection of hobbies, and though like most everyone else I enjoy things like dinner and a movie, for me those activities are usually just to fill in the time when I'm not out doing one of the following:

Inline Jam Skating

I am what you call a "Freestyle" Jam skater. I started inline skating in 1992, and turned pro in the spring of 2000 when I contracted for promotions with Salomon and the New York Rangers. Freestyle Jam skating is whatever you want it to be, preferably done with music, it brings all disciplines of skating together. This includes moves from Agressive and Vert through to Figure skating, as well as drawing on everything from Capoeira to Break Dancing. I have much fun.


I am very active as both a cross-country (XC) mountain biker and road cyclist. During the summer I race casually, and participate in several area bike shops weekly club rides, which in the past has included those of Pedal-Head, United, Hardcore, and George's. I'm even starting to show some ability to keep pace with club riders who race competitively at "Expert" and "Elite" levels. That means I usually only fly over my handle bars once or twice on a mountain bike ride now.

Skiing & Snowboarding

I started skiing when I was 8 years old, and continued until 1990 when I switched to snowboarding. I started off freestyle snowboarding, but soon moved towards freeriding and even a little downhill racing. After almost 10 years of snowboarding exclusively, I started also skiing again in 1999. Playing in the snow makes winter fun!

Computers & Electronics

I started off at age 9 by programming simple graphics demo's in Basic on the Apple IIe. By age 13 I had implemented math drilling software for primary school students. I have been hacking on various projects ever since. In early 1995, while taking computing science at the university, I created "Your Wacky WWW Adventure", one of the web's first user-written interactive fiction stories, which eventually had over 130,000 pages contributed. I then created Dig-Zone, which was also one of the web's first interactive multi-user graphical web games, peaking at 125,000 hits/week. Other projects since have included everything from writing an ethernet packet sniffer to DOM, XML parser, and HTTP server implementations. More recently I have been working on several ongoing robotics projects.


I enjoy multi-day backpacking treks exploring the wilderness. And not just digging through my messy apartment to find the bathroom either. I have done several treks in western Canada, with Yoho National Park and the West Coast Trail being of particular note. I have also done day hikes while living in Australia, and some trips to the USA including a week long trek around the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.


I like going out dancing at small, groovy, or after-hours clubs and raves. I'm not into the glammy meat market clubs full of drunken bar-stars, but rather the smaller relaxed parties oriented around the music, and without all the attitude. On Friday nights you could find me at Vinyl (Arc) when I was living in New York, Bass Station when living in Melbourne, and the Bronx, Rebar (Pure), and Therapy (Y) in Edmonton. I find dancing a particularily good way to have fun without getting fat.


Before my computer career monopolized all my time I used to work as a DJ under the name Chris HRbnjR. Though I prefer mixing it up with the house, trance, and breaks I listen to personally, I used to spin anything and everything you could dance to. I have been a resident or guest at various clubs in the Edmonton area, but made most of my living through mobile work for parties around the University.


Yeah, I know, but more fun to hang out with friends at the bowling alley than on the couch. I had been in a 5 pin league when I was younger, but never really got into it until learning 10 pin with some friends during university. Eventually I purchased my own equipment, and have taken part in several leagues since. I currently average somewhere in the 160's with a high game of 225.


I initially started playing Poker seriously through group of friends at a small bi-weekly private tournament at the local casino. I have taken part in the WRGPT, and also like to play online. The game of choice is always no-limit Texas Hold'em, and I can now calculate pot-odds just well enough to know when I'm about to lose all my money.