Chris Hubick

The canonical digital reference for Christopher Ryan Hubick (Male, 1974, Canada), alias "HRbnjR".

A portrait of Chris Hubick; caucasian, slim, sandy grey receding buzz cut hair, facial stubble, soul patch, large silver-framed prescription glasses, dark orange crewneck long-sleeved shirt.

Primary interests include Inline Jam Skating, Cycling, Skiing, and Technology.

  1. Graduated, Leduc Composite High School, "Advanced Diploma with Excellence" (1993).
  2. Worked as an independent (mobile) and club (House music) DJ (1994-1997).
  3. Started working in IT, for the University of Alberta (1995-1996) and a medical informatics company (1996-1998).
  4. Graduated, University of Alberta, Management Information Systems and Computing Science (1997).
  5. Worked as an IT consultant / developer in Calgary (1998-1999), Melbourne (2000), and New York (2000-2001).
  6. Finalist (top 10 of 16,000) in the "Sexiest Geek Alive" contest, appeared on "Good Morning America" (NYC), "Montel Williams", and at the Austin SXSW festival (2000).
  7. Performed pro skate gigs for Salomon (NYC, 2000) and the New York Rangers (NYC, 2001, incl Sept 10/11 at the World Trade Centre, 2nd day cancelled due to terrorist attack).
  8. Designed, built, and programmed an autonomous sumo combat robot (Edmonton, 2002).
  9. Started work as a "Senior Systems Analyst / Software Developer" for Athabasca University (Edmonton, 2003-Present).
  10. Started bike racing, competing for Canada at the "World Masters Games" in Road Cycling and XC Mountain Biking (Edmonton, 2005).
  11. Competed for Canada in the "International Freestyle" division at the "Battle US" inline slalom skating competition (Seattle, 2008).
  12. Upgraded to "Men's Expert" class in both Alberta XC Mountain Bike and Cyclocross racing (met podium/time/point requirements) (2010).
  13. Started unicycling, and founded the "Edmonton Unicycling Club" (Edmonton, 2011).
  14. Performed, Jam Skating, on "Canada's Got Talent" TV show (19 contestants aired, out of 4200 auditions in Alberta) (Calgary, 2011).
  15. Bronze medal, "Alberta XC Mountain Bike Provincial Championships", "Masters Men A" division (2012).
  16. Made friends, fell in love, and did a bunch of travelling.